About Us

Our mission is to raise and distribute funds, support students, teachers, and staff, coordinate activities, provide scholarships, and foster relationships to support the education and well-being of the UAIS students.

Everyone can be a booster! Anyone who wants to help the students, teachers, administration, and staff have the best experience possible, is a booster. We donate time mostly, to help with events that raise money not provided by the district. We donate dues to pay for Questia and Managebac (approximately $4K per year, and many other materials and supplies for classrooms. We help the senior students have the best year possible with events and recognition. We’d love to have you at our meetings and events!

The IB a Parent Booster Group was formed shortly after the class of 2012, the first UAIS class, completed their freshman year.  As with any new program there were challenges and the parent booster group initially organized to help administration fill in some of the gaps students were experiencing socially, as they found it fragmented and challenging to be at UAIS and be involved in their home school’s activities.  The parent booster group began by initially providing students with some events and activities that they could participate in as a group, and in helping establish a high school environment and identity at UAIS.  Small fundraising activities and teacher support were initially provided.  As the UAIS program developed and the student senate was formed, the parent boosters has become less involved in social activities for the students.  Now we fundraise and assist the IB program with supplemental funds for activities including college field trip transportation, Questia software, Managebac software required for Juniors and Seniors, career day events, supplemental books, classroom supplies and equipment, arts equipment and music, etc. We help the school by planning and implementing many of the Senior Year activities, including a senior IB prom, all night party, senior breakfast and senior picnic.  We encourage all parents to get involved to help shape the organization and support the needs of the IB students and staff.  Your time, effort, thoughts and ideas are welcomed and encouraged, and we would love to have you!

All parents of IB  students are encouraged and invited to participate in our monthly meeting and on our committees. Please click on MEETINGS on the menu above, for our meeting schedule. Feel free to contact us with feedback or suggestions!